Hey guys. Sorry it's been so long since my last blog. We have been working on a webshow, it's been a lot of fun. Hopefully editing will end soon and we can post our first one. It's going to be hilarious, I can guarantee this. I love hanging out with Kitty and Lolalee. They are amazing at coming up with great ideas for us to do. School starts soon... I'm actually very excited. :) What's going on in your life lately? Enter it in my blog. Blog ya later.

Vicky Pi-noia
8/10/2013 14:41:30

It's a really cool website. It needs more videos on the hilarious videos page. Maybe some parodies, but I don't like cussing. Also Kitty needs to do her blog. And you guys should keep up on them and do the blogging everyday. I like the webshows, but I need to see more than one video. Ok, Bye.

8/11/2013 02:47:50

Thank you for the comment Vicky! We will get some new videos in on the hilarious videos page ASAP. We don't like cussing either, so don't worry about that. Kitty will be working on her blog tonight. I'll put up another sample video, and hopefully the webshow will be up soon! :)


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