Hey people hows it going we just did another eposode for our webshow its goin to be wicked hope yall like it :P


Hey guys and gals today is saturday YES!!!!! Now all i have to do today is clean bake all for my moms friends and my grandma. Whooo hooo then only two dayz of school ten break!!!!! Except sleeping on an air mattess! Well anyways have a great saturday and we will be trying to podt some stuff soon:)


Hey peeps so yada yada were working on the web show tonight two more videos made by us yall should be excited!!!!! Wish us good luck on making them funny

So were back after an extremely long break.  We've been really busy only to become even more busy.  Still can't wait till this summer when i go to D.C. with Kandy. School suxs as usual.  We are determined to get this web show 
Man, have I been busy!  With volleyball, web- leading,  and school, I never have time for anything! web-leading sixth graders is so hard! They get Ipads. :( No fair.  Kandy is in volleyball with me too.  Kitty just had her birthday and got an iPhone!!!!!!!   AND BEST OF ALL  SHE GOT GUMMY BEARS!!!!!! We also are going to have a theme in our web-show about gummy bears you will really enjoy it.
 Wow, with school starting and all the things we have to do for the web show, its going to be an amazing, yet difficult year. We will try our hardest to keep up, we are still trying to finish the videos we are making please leave a comment and I'll take your advise

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With the first day of filming and starting this website, It was very interesting. We had a ton fun together.  We were brainstorming great ideas that you will see in the video. I hope you enjoy the awesome website we are making for you people.