With the first day of filming and starting this website, It was very interesting. We had a ton fun together.  We were brainstorming great ideas that you will see in the video. I hope you enjoy the awesome website we are making for you people.
Samantha Hickens
8/11/2013 02:22:22 am

So what is the web-show going to be about??
I like the sample video! I would love to see a lot more ASAP!!

8/11/2013 02:29:42 am

Thank you for the comment Samantha we will hustle on the main vidio as fast as we can!!!! 😊

8/11/2013 02:39:42 am

So what's the new web-show going to be about? Could you possibly post another sample video? When will Kitty do her blog?

8/11/2013 02:43:49 am

The new webshow is going to be a surprise... :) Hopefully we can get it up soon and then you can watch it. I'll try to get another sample video up soon. Kitty should be working on her blog later today. Thanks for visiting our website!


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